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Organising Charitable Camps for the the lesser privileged people
since the past 25 Years
(Activity of Marudhar Medical Trust)


Conducting Rural medical camps for the past 25 years, every month at  'JAITARAN' VILLAGE IN RAJASTHAN with a team of doctors providing all free investigations & medication to the Lesser privileged section of society.The managment also helps in transporting critically ill patients to SMS medical college hospital in Jaipur for all needful services.
It has won the award for the best & longest medical project by Rotary international. We have treated more than 1 Lac patients in rural camps  providing the  best possible  care and treatment.

The Trust is actively engaged in charitable activities, research work and public awareness programmes under the  Guidance of Dr. Sudhir Bhandari. On the  15th of every month Dr Sudhir Bhandari conducts a medical Camp at Jaitaran (Pawan dham) 280 km From Jaipur. A Team of Ten Staff members assemble and the following tests are conducted:

  • ECG
  • Blood Sugar Estimation
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Spirometry
  • All Bio-Chemistry Test
  • X-Rays
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Biothesiometry Test

Average 400 to 500 Patients come which include Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart problems, Asthma and metabolism syndromes. There are a large number of Geriatric Patients with Osteoarthritis, Backache and COPD.

Once the patient comes, he is thoroughly worked up. The Relevant investigations are conducted and they are given medicines free of cost to a great extent from the trust. All serious  and critically ill patients are brought to S.M.S Jaipur for further investigation from the Trust, thus helping the patients financially.

Clinical Research:

Under the aegis of Marudhar Medical trust, we are doing a lot of Clinical Research, where Dr. Sudhir Bhandari is the principal investigator, Dr. Sudha Mathur and Dr. Barkha Goyal are co Investigators with 4 Supporting Staff members.

Medical & Social Responsibility:

We conduct public awareness programmes for lifestyle diseases, as mentioned below:

  • How to stay healthy in spite of having diabetes, hypertension and heart problem.
  • How to stay healthy in the era of fast food.
  • Education programmes in the school & spreading awarness  about child obesity, junk food and smoking.
  • Education programmes  in corporate offices, government offices, colleges and Rotary clubs.
  • Organising diabetic educational programmes  at various places.

During these programmes Blood Sugar, B.P. monitoring & ECGs are done as complimentary. Lots of reading material is distributed  amongst the audience about lifestyle diseases.

The Marudhar Medical Trust is proposing a cardio-diabetes center which will support our charitable activities also.